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Service Pricing

  • Full air conditioning re-gas service standard car only £7

  • Full service, large amounts of gas £10 for every 100g (R134a)

  • Full air conditioning re-gas service + Anti-Bacterial Clean £80

  • Full air conditioning re-gas service + Ozone treatment £120

  • If your vehicle has other faults which a regas won’t help then a £20 call out will be charged.

(All above prices are based on vehicles using the gas R134a)

  • Full service for vehicles that use the gas R1234yf starts from £125.(upto 600g)

  • Anti-Bacterial Clean Service £20

  • Ozone treatment service £50


  • Full service for electric vehicles starts from £70

*(for more info on the gas R1234yf  and electric vehicles please look in our FAQ section)

  • Area’s covered within the red circle are free.

  • Area’s between red and blue are an extra £10

  • Area’s between blue and black are an extra £20


If not paying with cash, No problem we take card payments at no extra charge.

The PayPal Here Chip and PIN card reader is an easy to use, quick and secure way to process payments on the go.

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