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Aircon Maintenance Guide

Because we live in a temperate climate, there are often long stretches of time where you feel you do not need to use your car’s Air Conditioning. This is often where problems start…..

Even during the Winter months, it is a good idea to run your Air Conditioning System for at least a few minutes each week, this will help to keep the system lubricated and all the parts running smoothly.  

It will also help to clear fog off the windows, and, at the same time, you will be helping to preserve the system for when you need it the most.

One of the most common causes of Air Conditioning problems is a lack of refrigerant; it is a good idea to head off this problem before it occurs. Have your car’s Air Conditioning System serviced every 2 years. It will state this in your car manufacturers service guide.

 Regular maintenance is an ideal way to head off costly problems with your Air Conditioning. An ill maintained Air Conditioning System can increase your fuel costs, as the Air Conditioning pump needs to work harder.

Have your Air Conditioning serviced regularly,  Just as the other systems of your car need servicing , the same applies for the Air Conditioning System.



Below is a diagram which shows the flow of gas/liquid.


air con pic.jpg

This is the compressor (pump) which is commonly referred as the “the heart of the system”. The job of the compressor is to compress and drive the gas around the system.

air con compressor.gif

The condenser is normally situated at the front of the vehicle. The high pressure hot gas leaving the compressor passes through the condenser which is then cooled with the cooling fan. As the gas is cooled it changes into a high pressure liquid.

ac condenser.gif

As the high pressure liquid leaves the condenser it passes through the receiver drier. The main job of the receiver drier is to remove moisture and filter out dirt and should be replaced every time the air conditioning system has been disturbed, for example when the compressor or condenser has been replaced.

receiver drier.jpg
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