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Anti-Bacterial clean

Your car’s air conditioning or climate control system provides a fresh and pleasant driving environment, however like any part of your car it needs regular maintenance.

Treat your car today with the powerful anti-bacterial air conditioning cleaner and help eliminate the bacteria and keep your car fresh and clean throughout.

Anti-Bacterial clean Service only £20



Ozone treatment

When buying a used car, one of the biggest issues you’ll find is unwanted smells in the interior. Odours can be difficult to get rid of especially when the smell has essentially soaked into the fabric. You can try shampooing the fabric but this won’t always work as it may not be able to penetrate deep enough to get to the source of the odour.

This is where an ozone generator service can help. An ozone generator will pump O3 into the car where it can saturate the fabric and other interior components and kill the bacteria creating the odour. This shock treatment can get rid of human, pet, cigarette smoke, and even mildew smell from water damage and the list goes on.

Ozone treatment service £50







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